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I've gotten so much flak over the years as a songwriter, for singing songs about God, then not singing songs about God, and recently for being 'political'. Sure, the protest song is all but a quaint pastime these days; we all just prefer to be distracted by music, not challenged or annoyed or even, God forbid, stirred up. A recent criticism suggested that my songs about South Africa on the "Rural" album were a 'mis-step' as they didn't have the same emotional heft as the 'normal' songs. That suggests that my political songs are not 'personal' to me. After all, who really cares about politics these days, right? Well, I love my country, I love what it could be, and I hate what it's become, and I loathe the fact that politics is only for career-minded autocrats. Politics is about us, 'the people', the rank and file. We should all be outraged by what's happening to our country. Because it really, really matters. After last night's abysmal State Of The Nation address, here's some entertainment:

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  • lusanda mashua

    hi john. You are a musician who is truly led by a Person greater than the shadows we think we should become. Musicianship and the cause from a heart for the land go together. Im learning that. Being out of SA for a short period and seeing expats makes me want to come home quicker and build it. Your song is a needed clarion call. Thanks.

    March 26, 2013 at 14:58pm - Comment
  • Tamarin

    John, your music has always inspired and stirred me! Do not stop writing from the heart. Recently I've realised that when you speak the truth from your heart putting it out there you always end up getting flack! There are still people like me that appreciate and love your music and your incredible voice- you are a blessing to me- and your music still speaks to my heart- anointed I tell you whether you like it or not!

    May 07, 2013 at 21:22pm - Comment