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After several frustrating months of trying to get answers out of Facebook, I have had to abandon my old John Ellis fan page (johnelliscoza) and create a new one. The trick now is to get all 3000+ fans of the old page to jump across to the new one, so if you can help, by recommending or sharing the new one, please do! In the meantime, go across to the new John Ellis Facebook fan page, click 'like' and come along for the ride! The new fanpage address is:

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  • Gerald Lasky

    I had the pleasure of seeing you at "Praise in the Park" in Lucedale Mississippi in oh, I guess 2007-2008. I had recently had the Holy Spirit crash into me via my car radio, and the Music, and yes, your Music was the conduit.
    I don't expect that your life is easy. Those like you, in the forefront of delivering the message, attract Satan more than most. God Bless you and your Journey. I bought your "I Stand for You" Worship Volume 1 that day in Lucedale, and I play constantly in my office, my car and my house, because the music is awesome, it still fires up the Holy Spirit in me and, mostly, because it pisses Satan off. Stay Blessed!

    February 13, 2015 at 17:45pm - Comment