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‘GOING organic’ is how local musician, John Ellis, describes his latest album, Rural.


29 August 2012 | Lauren Anthony





“It was eight months of work but only took three days to record,” said Ellis, the lead singer of Tree63. “It’s completely acoustic, all recorded live in studio with no over-dubbing. It’s authentic.”


This acoustic collection of poetry and protest music has a sound and ethos that is simple, uncluttered and uncomplicated.


Rural features Johnny Clegg’s drummer, world-renowned percussionist, Barry van Zyl, who performed his parts live with John in the studio.


This is a drastic stylistic departure for John from his previous solo album 'Come Out Fighting' which was nominated in 2010 for a ‘Rock Album of the Year’ South African Music Award.


"Recording this album was really a personal validation for me as a songwriter and it gave me an opportunity to record and express myself, calling on various influences such as Dylan and Lennon," said Ellis.


The official launch of this singer-songwriter style album is at Ciao Bella Café (corner of Matahma Gandhi and Southampton Roads) on Friday 7 September at 7pm. Ticket price is R100 which includes a live show with one free beer or glass of wine.


Rural is also available on




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