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The first review of John's new EP "Bush Telegraph" is in. Bruce Dennill of The Citizen once again wrote some very kind words in praise of the new songs, although these days it appears The Citizen no longer makes reviews like this available online. So, instead of a link, here's the text in full:





Wide Scope


John Ellis – Bush Telegraph


Released by: Sony

Tracks: 5


John Ellis is a heart-and-soul sort of musician, with lyrics that cut to the pith of his emotional state at the time they are written. He’s also a sublime musical technician, able to imagine and execute complex rhythms and riffs with enviable ease. This new EP is done and dusted in less than 20 minutes, but the songs take in a remarkably wide scope of ideas. All Too Soon is more of the clean acoustic pop-rock of Ellis’s previous album, Rural; the title track is a punchy, Johnny Clegg-esque number with a searching lyric; Oncoming Train is a bluesy strut not a million miles off AC/DC (with added cowbell) and Soon There Will Be More Of Us is a poetic ode. Closer Waiting To Be Rescued is the most experimental track, without a trace of guitar. The tracks all share Ellis’s trademark – an apparently effortless ability to write songs that stick, and which make you think.



Bruce Dennill

The Citizen

Thursday 17 October 2013


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