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Rolling Stone SA's Diane Coetzer interviewed me in Joburg the afternoon of the Gareth Cliff incident in early April this year. The article was published last week, and you can read it here:



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  • David

    I'm sorry so many people misunderstood your comments and reacted in such an un-Christlike manner. I totally get what you meant -- Tree63 was a rockin' band committed to interesting and high quality music. The subject matter of its songs was Christ. I listen to a lot of Christian rock/pop/folk, etc., and Tree63 still sounds fresh and exciting. There is an energy, depth, and organic sincerity in the music unique among Christian acts. (I think the church-based setting of many bands tends to water down their music.) No doubt this is because of the love for the *music* that you and the boys poured into these albums.

    Tree63's music played a real role in helping me understand and embrace my feelings about Jesus. The rawness of the music combined with the lyrics helped the Holy Spirit work within my heart at a critical time in my life. It breathed life into scripture unlike any other source. I will always be grateful to Tree63 for helping me along in my spiritual formation.

    Your solo music demonstrates the same high musical achievement as Tree63. I love both your heavier first album, your acoustic second album, and your recent releases, which kind of blend both. Although I'm in the States many miles away from where you live, You can count me as a Tree63 fan who has followed you over to your new endeavors. All the best to you and your family Grace and peace.

    September 12, 2014 at 18:54pm - Comment